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About the film

Negar Movie

Based on a story by Rambod Javan

Director    :    Rambod Javan
Producer    :    Rambod Javan
Screenplay    :    Ehsan Goodarzi
Director of Photography    :    Bahram Badakhshani
Editor    :    Bahram Dehghan
Music    :    Christophe Rezai
Set Designer    :    Amirhossein Ghodsi
Costume Designer    :    Negar Nemati
Make Up Artist    :    Soudabeh Khosravi
Sound Recordist    :    Vahid Moghadasi
Sound Editor    :    Hossein Abolsedgh
Graphic Artist    :    Behrad Javanbakht
Awards    :    Crystal Simorgh for Best Soundtrack - National Competition

Director’s biography:

Rambod Javan Born in 1971 in Tehran, Rambod Javan is an established actor, director and TV host in Iranian cinema and television who started his career in 1994. He’s already acted in 20 feature films and directed his first feature film, “Spaghetti in 8 Minutes” in 2005. His second feature film, “Adam’s Son, Eve’s Daughter” was made in 2009 and “No Entry for Men” is his third feature film which was a box-office hit in Iran in 2011. “Negar” is Mr. Javan’s fourth feature film.

  • Awards and Nominations
2005    :    20th Children and Adolescents International Film Festival | Best Director | Spaghetti in 8 minutes
2012    :    31st Fajr International Film Festival | Best Supporting Actor | Sinners
2015    :    15th Hafez Awards | Best TV Program | Khandevane
2016    :    16th Hafez Awards | Best TV Program | Khandevane
2017    :    35th Fajr International Film Festival | Best Director | Negar
2017    :    3rd 3Stars | Best Entertainment TV Program | Khandevane
2017    :    3rd 3Stars | Best TV Presenter | Khandevane

Rambod Javan

Born : December 22, 1971
Tehran, Iran

The Story of Negar:

Negar’s father is dead. The police have ruled it a suicide. She finds out that her father had gone bankrupt before committing suicide and lost everything, including their house. Negar has a dream about her father one night. After she wakes up she finds a check made out to her father. With the help of Peyman, her father’s employee, she tries to attain what his father had lost and as a result she experiences strange and frightening moments.

  • Cast:

Negar Javaherian, Mohammad Reza Foroutan, Mani Haghighi, Attila Pessyani, Afsaneh Bayegan, Fariba Kamran, Alireza Shojanouri, Special appearance by Ashkan Khatibi


Negar Movie Official Trailer

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